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Not With The Hype (NWTH) is a podcast comprised of two friends with media backgrounds and a shared passion to create genuine, conversation starting, and thought-provoking content. 


Their chemistry, personalities, brutal honesty, guests, and interdisciplinary career paths are the key differentiators from anything else you’ve ever heard.



Patrick is a product of the era of limitless potential. Born and raised in Toronto, his diverse interests and talents are reflections of his city’s exposure to all things eclectic and new.


He brings a thoughtful and insightful view to the podcast in a way only Pastor Guvi could. Patrick represents a generation of versatile media professionals capable of doing it all.



Shak dresses louder than he talks, that’s for sure.  Interviewing & working with  A-List celebrities in his advertising and journalistic career, “Shop Like Shak” has earned his name through his eclectic taste in clothing.


As the host of the podcast, he’s responsible for directing and heating up conversations with his soundboard and YouTube DJ skills. Shak champions himself on making his co-hosts sweat under the pressure of uncomfortably honest conversations.

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